13 Books That Make Investing and Money Management Much Easier to Understand

Anvita Reddy

If you're a newbie at investing like me, you might have felt beyond overwhelmed. You had countless friends and family try to explain it to you but investing and the stock market are as confusing trying to understand Inception. You probably found yourself asking, "What and/or who is the DOW?, What's an ETF? Are those the same as mutual funds?, How do I even start investing?, This feels like gambling," and countless more. I know I did. You even found yourself on #StockTok and watching countless YouTube videos telling you what's right and what's wrong, with so much conflicting information.

Let's start with the basics, with what investing is all about, why you should care, and how it relates to financial independance. I found 13 books on investing and money management that breaks things down and makes it all digestible. These books are from authors of all different backgrounds, including classics like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki, and new favorites like Broke Millennial Takes on Investing by Erin Lowry. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, curl up in a comfy spot, and start 2021 off right, making money moves.


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