125 vintage baby names that haven't made a comeback yet

vintage baby names
125 traditional baby names set to make a comebackJena Ardell - Getty Images

When it comes to baby names, we're used to seeing patterns and trends emerge (such as names inspired by hit TV shows like Euphoria or Rings of Power) – but never is that more obvious when it comes to the most popular baby names of all. Right now, that top 100 list of names includes plenty of old-fashioned baby monikers, for both boys and girls. Case in point? Henry, Arthur and Archie are all boys names with a vintage feel that appear in the UK's top ten baby names – and for girls it's much the same, with Isla, Ava and Florence coming in at numbers three, four and eight respectively.

The old fashioned boys name Arthur has been steadily re-climbing the ranks since 2017, after regularly being a top 10 boys name in the early 1900s – however, after 1924 it dropped off for almost 100 years. In 2019 it grew again in popularity, ranking as the fourth most popular name for baby boys born that year (there were 4,211 little Arthurs, to be precise) and today, it remains at number four.

Likewise, an old fashioned girls name that's also soared in the last few years for the first time in almost a century, is Ada. That was last included in the top 100 girls’ names in 1924, but hadn’t ranked again until 2018, when the name made a comeback as the 65th most used name for baby girls. In 2019, it rose up the list to 47th, with 1,028 newborns given the name Ada that year and now? Ada is sitting pretty at number 44.

It’s thought the newfound favour for the names Arthur and Ada may potentially have been inspired by the characters in Peaky Blinders, likewise the monikers Tommy and Esme, which also saw a spike in popularity since the BBC series debuted.

old fashion baby names
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On the other hand, if you're keen for an old-fashioned, traditional baby name that isn't quite as popular, you might want to take a look at this list we've drawn up... After cross-referencing the top 200 British boys and girls baby names from the year 1900 (sourced here), with the top 200 British boys and girls baby names from the year 2019, and we've pulled out some of the ones that haven't quite risen back to the top yet in today's world - but are likely to.

Ready to see the old baby names that are bound to make a come-back in the coming years, in accordance with the vintage baby naming trend? You can thank us later...

Old fashioned girl names that haven't made a comeback yet:

  1. Mary

  2. Ethel

  3. Lilian (although Lily and Lilly are both in the top 100 most popular names right now)

  4. Ellen

  5. Winifred

  6. May

  7. Catherine

  8. Frances

  9. Agnes

  10. Minnie

  11. Louisa

  12. Kate

  13. Constance

  14. Dora

  15. Ida

  16. Ruth

  17. Bessie

  18. Edna

  19. Vera

  20. Eveline (although 'Evelyn' is currently number 21 in the top 100 girls names list)

  21. Florrie

  22. Henrietta

  23. Millicent (Millie is number 27 in the top 100 girls names though)

  24. Audrey

  25. Nelly

  26. Selina

  27. Georgina

  28. Helena

  29. Cecilia

  30. Christina

  31. Flora

  32. Freda

  33. Josephine

  34. Adelaide

  35. Enid

  36. Lavinia

  37. Sybil

  38. Sylvia

  39. Bridget

  40. Stella

  41. Madeline

  42. Mona

  43. Alma

  44. Polly

  45. Cicely

  46. Maude/Maud

  47. Joan

  48. Queenie

  49. Lois

  50. Dorothea

  51. Adeline

  52. Celia

  53. Carrie

  54. Winnie

  55. Ena

  56. Hettie

  57. Rosanna

  58. Emmeline

  59. Veronica

  60. Leonora (or Nora for short)

  61. Annie

  62. Hazel

  63. Marjorie

  64. Martha

old fashion girls names
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Old fashioned boy names that haven't made a comeback yet:

  1. Ernest

  2. Harold

  3. Walter

  4. Herbert

  5. Reginald

  6. Percy/Percival

  7. Leonard

  8. Sidney/Sydney

  9. Cecil

  10. Horace

  11. Edwin

  12. Victor

  13. Hector

  14. Redvers

  15. Bertie/Bert

  16. Clifford

  17. Baden

  18. Bernard

  19. Hugh

  20. Douglas

  21. Gilbert

  22. Maurice

  23. Clarence

  24. Lawrence/Laurence

  25. Edmund

  26. Arnold

  27. Gordon

  28. Ivor

  29. Abraham

  30. Claude

  31. Roland

  32. Lionel

  33. Alec

  34. Wallace

  35. Oswald

  36. Clement

  37. Basil

  38. Solomon

  39. Israel

  40. Cornelius

  41. Augustus

  42. Noel

  43. Godfrey

  44. Llewellyn

  45. Timothy

  46. Winston

  47. Amos

  48. Morgan

  49. Moses

  50. Dudley

  51. Cuthbert

  52. Guy

  53. Emlyn

  54. Nelson

  55. Montague

  56. Russell

  57. Emmanuel

  58. Jeremiah

  59. Ambrose

  60. Valentine

  61. Raymond

Anyone else very excited for a future filled with baby Dorotheas and little Cuthberts?

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