These £12 trainers look a lot like this £360 designer pair

Anya Meyerowitz
Photo credit: Christian Vierig - Getty Images

From Red Online

The funny thing about being a grown-up, is that you often still feel like a child. Except, instead of pressing your nose up against the sweet shop window, you're mooning over beautiful designer clothing instead.

We're big believers in treating ourselves but sometimes the purse strings just won't open wide enough, and then you have to start getting resourceful.

But hold on, don't start hand-drawing that designer label onto a pair of pumps just yet, because we've found a designer dupe that might just be the answer to our footwear woes.

Studio just dropped a pair of trainers, that look a lot like the Alexander McQueen version, for just £12. £12!! And the resemblance is uncanny:

Here are the original, sought-after, designer pair - yours for £360:

SHOP NOW £360, Net-A-Porter

And, here are the dupes:

SHOP NOW £12, Studio

Pretty similar, right?

We have a hunch that these will sell out, so be quick! No one will ever know...

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