12 Magazine Editors Defend 'Violent' Beauty Shoot - Whose Side Are You On?

12 magazine editors defend controversial beauty shoot

As magazine photoshoots go, it couldn’t have been more controversial…

Bulgarian magazine 12 photographed models for a beauty shoot… and inexplicably decided to make them look as though they had been attacked. One had a black eye, another her throat cut and one was even depicted with acid burns on her face.

Unsurprisingly, the magazine was accused of glamourising violence against women. And now the editors have realised they, er, might have gone too far. (No kidding…)

In an email to website Fashionista, editor-in-chief Huben Hubenov and Slav Anastsov wrote, ‘First of all, we would like to say we are happy that our shoot provoked an international discussion, at some scale. It is also important to say, that we do NOT support violence of ANY kind, and this is NOT a shoot glamorizing, or encouraging, or supporting violence against women.’

Yet they are not completely repentant, instead insisting the photographs are ‘art’.

12 magazine editors defend controversial beauty shoot
12 magazine editors defend controversial beauty shoot

‘We believe that images such as ours can be seen from various angles, and we think that exactly that is what is beautiful about fashion and photography in general – that anybody can understand it their own way, and fill it with their own meaning. Where some see a brutal wound, others see a skillful work of an artist, or an exquisite face of a beautiful girl.’

Really? The images were so realistic, the internet was flooded with complaints about the photoshoot.

It remains to be seen how far the magazine will go to shock in its next issue…

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