10 Luxe Futons From Walmart That Are Nothing Like the Ones You Had in College

When you hear the word "futon," you probably don't think of an ultra-luxe piece of furniture. Instead, you likely think of college and the clunky old metal designs that everyone seemed to have in their dormitory, despite how unsightly and uncomfy they were. But now, years later, we're here to make the case that elevated and straight-up elegant futons exist. Better yet, you can find a ton of super chic options at Walmart (yes, really). From chic velvet designs to ones with fancy-looking tufted details, there's no shortage of good finds at the affordable retailer. We get it, though: Choosing a piece of furniture is never easy. To make the process as painless as possible, we've created this guide full of everything you need to know while shopping for the perfect futon. Read on for tips.

What to Look For When Buying a Futon

Just like shopping for a couch, it's crucial that you consider what purpose your futon will serve and the dimensions of the space you're looking to fill. Some questions to consider: Do you expect to have overnight guests frequently, or do you just like knowing it's there in the case of a last-minute sleepover? Will you find it frustrating if your futon is shorter than a twin bed, or does that detail not matter to you so much? The latter are important details to think about when shopping for a futon because every design is so different, from its dimensions and upholstery to comfort-level and design.

Once you've dealt with the specifics, it's onto the fun stuff, AKA, choosing a futon to fit your carefully crafted home design aesthetic. Are you absolutely set on a particular material and shape, or are you open to exploring your options? Luckily, there are styles to fit every preference, from modern designs boasting neutral colors and sleek lines to mid-century ones in velvet, accented with tufting -and everything in between. Of course, it's also important to think about who else will be using the futon. Will furry friends or little ones have access to it, and if so, should you consider the most durable option? Or an easy-to-clean one?

Ahead, we rounded up the 10 best futons from Walmart. If we had to choose just one from the list, it would be the Ember Interiors Pin Tufted Transitional Futon ($312-$425) for its timeless design and extensive array of color and upholstery options. Read on for our complete list of picks, all under $600.

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