12 different ways Christmas trees are decorated around the world

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

From Country Living UK

You may be one of those people who have the same Christmas tree decorations every year, retrieving the festive box from the attic and hanging your tried and tested baubles on the tree.

Or perhaps you prefer to change things up every year, following the Christmas trend of the moment to inspire your own tree decorations.

But if you want to move away from the traditional tinsel and baubles we use in Britain, why not get some inspiration from how other countries across the world decorate their own Christmas trees? From edible decorations to real candles, Celebrity Cruises has revealed the most wonderful traditional tree decorations unique to 12 different countries.

France: Fruits, particularly red apples

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Centuries ago, real fruit was used to decorate Christmas trees in France. This practice had to be stopped after a bad harvest one year but in their place, glass ornaments were used to symbolise the fruit. Red apple decorations are commonly seen on French trees, due to their strong religious association with the Garden of Eden.

Germany: Real candles

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