12 Curly Hair Hacks That Will Completely Change Your Life

Jessica Cruel

Having curly hair brings me such joy. The springy ringlets are indicative of my large personality, but I didn't always know how to care for them. Years ago, I was clueless about all the unwritten curly hair rules (like no more shampoo, brushes, or towels). And the commandments vary by curl type, too. Someone with waves can't live by the same hacks that I rely on day to day for my Afro-texture hair.

That's why we've called in the curly hair experts from Devachan Salon in NYC to create a beginner's bible to curls. Stylist Eladia Lebron gave three curly editors a makeover, while divulging her best tips for every hair type. This comprehensive guide explains everything from applying conditioner to plopping (which is a drying technique). Get ready to achieve the best hair of your life - no hot tools required.