11 ways to make your outfits look more expensive

Kate Middleton always manages to look stylish and has showcased an array of fashionable maternity looks during her pregnancy with the royal baby.

But the Duchess of Cambridge has been known to rock high-street labels in the past, sporting outfits from Topshop and Hobbs.

Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh, as well as superstar Jennifer Lopez, are also known to rock high-street labels.

But what is it about these stars that they always manage to make their outfits look expensive?

Nailing the art of making high-street clothes look designer can be a bit of a struggle, so to celebrate the release of Easy Money, we spoke exclusively to top stylist Colomba Giacomini.

She revealed to us how to make your outfits look a million dollars – when they’re actually not.

1)    Always have everything well pressed or ironed as this makes a huge difference.

2)    Clean shoes are so important - especially on a man. It's the first thing you Iook at!

3) Make sure that everything you are wearing fits properly, especially across the shoulders and the sleeves.

4) If you’re not sure what to wear, keep it simple - classic always look best. A crisp white shirt and a pair of jeans never looked bad on anyone!

5) Girls, if you’re wearing a jacket - the smaller the better. Jackets look more expensive when they are tighter… within reason of course.

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6) Confidence is key. Carrying yourself with confidence will always make you look better.

7) Choose quality over quantity. One good coat in the winter is better than a few cheap ones.

8) Try to buy natural fabrics - they last better and feel nicer on the skin.

9) Customise your clothes by adding embellishments such as broaches and jewellery.

10) Scarves always add an extra dimension to an outfit – just ask J-Lo.

11) Wear one statement piece - like a printed jacket or floral skirt - and keep the rest of the look simple.

How do you make your outfits look more expensive? Tell us over on Twitter now.

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Easy Money hit cinemas on the 19th July and stars Joel Kinnaman as JW, a poor student living a double life among the wealthy elite in Stockholm and often adjusting his clothes to look the part.