11 Glamorous Looks From 2023 That Prove Lindsey Vonn’s Exquisite Taste

Lindsey Vonn.<p>Monica Schipper/Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images

The past year has seen much in the way of good—no, great—fashion. There are a few standouts in our book, and among them is former professional alpine skier Lindsey Vonn.

A look back at her past year through the lens of her best looks is a little overwhelming. There are so many good moments for us to choose from, as from January on, she has been gracing red carpet after red carpet. Vonn’s highlights include year-round sporting events across the country, the TIME100 Gala and appearances at both Paris and New York fashion weeks.

But, rather than getting carried away putting into words our awe for her sense of fashion—and her incredible ability to attend so many high profile events—we’ll let you see for yourselves. Here are a few of her best fashion moments of 2023.

Sideline style

Lindsey Vonn.<p>Katherine Tyler/NBAE via Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Katherine Tyler/NBAE via Getty Images

No matter the occasion, you can expect Vonn to be looking her best. The NBA All-Star Game was no exception. We’re sure her all-white outfit turned some heads.

Big city slicker

Lindsey Vonn.<p>Gotham/Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Gotham/Getty Images

Even walking her dog down the street demands sophistication, and the athlete delivers. An afternoon in the city—no matter the occasion—calls for a matching chocolate brown set and an overcoat, according to Vonn.

A red tie occasion

Lindsey Vonn. <p>Sean Zanni/Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Sean Zanni/Getty Images

This look is fitting for a holiday party or the TIME100 Gala—take your pick. Vonn sported the color of the current season back in April.

Strictly business

Lindsey Vonn.<p>Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

Business, but make it a Formula 1 event. She brought her best pre-Labor Day whites to play on the carpet in Miami.

Office satins

Lindsey Vonn.<p>Aaron Davidson/Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

This was the year of satin sets for the athlete (you’ll understand what we mean a little later). Her bright green silky set blended traditional office wear (the blazer) with more laid-back elements (shorts, not pants).

Princess Vonn

Lindsey Vonn.<p>Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

O.K., we can’t really explain it, but this outfit strikes us as something a 21st century Disney princess might wear (pants, not a dress, but with a floral corset top), and we don’t hate it. In fact, we love it.

In the City of Lights

Lindsey Vonn.<p>Pierre Suu/Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Pierre Suu/Getty Images

When in Paris for fall/winter fashion week, you dress to impress. Or, at least, Vonn did. She brought her best in a simple white button-up and an elevated high-waisted silk skirt.

Sideline satin

Lindsey Vonn.<p>Jean Catuffe/Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Now do you see what we mean about the silky sets? They were a staple for the 39-year-old this year, and we’re not mad about it. This outfit blended her satin affinity with her determination to serve incredible looks on the sidelines of sporting events.

Intricate elegance

Lindsey Vonn.<p>Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

We were obsessed with this look back in September, and we’re still obsessed with it now. She took New York Fashion Week in this fabulous set, and couldn’t have done it any better.

A moment for the LBD

Lindsey Vonn.<p>Paul Morigi/Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Red carpet fashion doesn’t have to be over the top. Vonn proved that with this elegant shimmery black gown for a charity event in New York a few months back.

Best of fall fashion

Lindsey Vonn.<p>Arturo Holmes/Getty Images</p>
Lindsey Vonn.

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

She could not have done more for fall fashion than she did with this set. The chocolate brown tone? The suede? It’s perfect seasonal elegance.

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