11 Disney-Themed Pool Floats For a Magic-Filled Summer

Pool floats are such a vibe for the warmer weather. They're accessories that give our summer a splash of personality, whether on a beautiful beach or a relaxing poolside. We're obsessed with Disney-themed products, and what better way to sprinkle some magic on your summer of fun than with Disney pool floats on Amazon .

Whether you love "Finding Nemo" or the classic Mickey Mouse, there's a Disney-themed pool float made just for you featuring the iconic characters you adore. Relax on an oversize, raft-like pool float that's reversible, so you get double the Disney fun. We even found one that's a long lounger in the shape of an ice-cream cone with the iconic Mickey ears. Soak in the sun Disney style with these fun and playful pool floats. Shop our top picks ahead.

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