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13 Contour Kits That'll Give You Sky High Cheekbones In An Instant

Contouring - make-up artists like Mario Dedivanovic and Charlotte Tilbury have made a living out of it and no make-up bag is complete without the right contour kit to create the look.

Even a backlash against over-done 'Insta face' couldn't stop us from painting on our cheekbones, and who could blame us? Lori Woodhouse, Education Director at Tom Ford Beauty explains why it makes such a big difference: 'Contouring amplifies your natural beauty and helps to enhance the bone structure, finding balance and symmetry.'

Her top tip is to always find the right shade (using the wrong one is a common mistake), and to get to know your face by studying angles, 'applying the contour where the natural shadow falls under your cheekbone, enhancing that shadow'.

From creams to powders, more or less every beauty brand has jumped on the contouring bandwagon to show us that even make-up novices can achieve Kate Moss-esque cheekbones. But, with hundreds on the market, and more hitting the shelves every week, which contour kits are worth investing in?

We've rounded up the very best contour kits, so you can sculpt, chisel and shape to your heart's content.