104-year-old WWII vet throws out laser July 4th first pitch

WWII vet Frank Anderson throws out the first pitch on July 4th. (Memphis Redbirds)

The Memphis Redbirds, triple-A affiliate for the St. Louis Cardinals, honored the 4th of July in the best way possible: by having 104-year-old World War II veteran Frank Anderson toss out the first pitch.

Check out the performance:

That’s an impressive windup move; team manager Stubby Clapp had some serious heat coming his way.

Anderson, who would have been in his mid-20s during the War, was a Master Sergeant in General George Patton’s 3rd Army, which was pivotal in the Allies’ win at the late-war Battle of the Bulge.

He certainly continued to do his country proud this 4th of July.

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