100m Euro Superyacht Concept Named 'Bond Girl' Inspired By James Bond Films

The new Bond Girl is a superyacht A design team have created a homage to female characters in the spy franchise with a €100M concept called “B0ND GIRL” Hannah Homergen (Interior Design) & George Lucian (Exterior Design) say their striking 70-meter-long Trimaran comes with "extremely powerful design lines and stealth appearane". The Slick Vessel comes in mission-ready gunmetal grey and, in a nod to the spy's reputation makes a feature of a large double bed. George Lucian suggests the craft may also be suitable for a Bond villain. He explains: "as always, I get inspiration from the military, stealth, aviation and space industries, and of course for this one, the villain in the movies with spies, whether you are the good guy or the villain, this super yacht will perfectly fit for your next mission." George adds.

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