“1000-Lb. Sisters”’ Tammy Slaton Visits the Beach for the First Time Ever: 'I Made It' (Exclusive)

“1000-Lb. Sisters”’ Tammy Slaton Visits the Beach for the First Time Ever: 'I Made It' (Exclusive)

"Nothing like seeing it in person,” the 37-year-old says in PEOPLE’s exclusive clip

Tammy Slaton is reaching an exciting milestone as she continues her weight loss journey.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive clip from Tuesday’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, the 37-year-old went on a trip to Pensacola, Florida, with siblings Amy, Chris, Amanda and Misty. While there Tammy was able to visit the beach for the first time ever.

“I’m overjoyed by how well I've done and I made it to go to the beach but I still can’t walk very well and the sand is loose,” she says. “So, Chris got me a wheelchair for the beach. I ain’t trying to fall on my butt.”

“Your chariot awaits,” Chris says as Tammy walks over to her wheelchair, which has big wheels suitable for the sand.



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In the clip, Tammy struggles to get into the wheelchair for a few minutes. She gets frustrated and scared, needing Misty to help lift her leg over the bar and into the seat, but is finally able to make her way to the sand.

“Getting in that wheelchair is difficult. I feel like it’s gonna tip over on me. I’m scared of it,” Tammy says. “If I fall it could get really bad because I’m not able to get back up.”

“Me and Misty are able to get Tammy to wiggle in the chair,” Chris adds. “In the past, Tammy would not have rode that wheelchair at all. So for her to even continue with the thought of using the chair to get to the water is a f—ing accomplishment.”

“Tammy I am so proud of you because you made it here,” he tells his sister.



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The siblings set up their stuff close to water so that Tammy would be able to walk up to the water without much trouble. While in her wheelchair, she reaches down and touches the sand for the first time, getting emotional about the beach trip.

“The beach is beautiful,” Tammy says. “The way people talk about the beach and how they paint it and show it on TV, it’s beautiful. But it’s nothing like seeing it in person.”

A new episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters airs Tuesday, Jan. 23 at 9PM ET/PM.

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