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Amborella Organics Garden Lover’s Seed Lollipop Gift Set

The Amborella Organics Garden Lover's Seed Lollipop Gift Set ($23) is such a fun way to grow plants! Simply lick the lollipop, plant its biodegradable stick, water, and watch it grow.

100+ Gardening Gifts Plant Parents Will Be Thrilled to Receive This Holiday Season

Gardening is not only a getaway for the soul, but it's also a mood booster and a great workout. With the 2019 holiday season approaching, it's only appropriate to show a hard-working plant parent how much they mean to you with some new gloves and tools. From pots and planters to pruners and sheers, these presents are not only useful, but thoughtful, too. If you want fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden this year, get on your plant pal's nice list and consider these gardening gifts!

- Additional reporting by Lauren Harano


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