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It Was All a Dream: A New Generation Confronts the Broken Promise to Black America

For many of us, the American Dream was packaged like sweet-smelling baked goods and then placed behind thick glass for us to admire but never attain. Reniqua Allen investigates this in It Was All a Dream: A New Generation Confronts the Broken Promise to Black America, in which she illuminates the stories of black millennials searching for success amid a racist system designed for them to fail. The book takes a hopeful position, however, and shares the innovative ways young black people are surviving and thriving despite the challenges they face.

100+ Books by Black Women That Should Be Essential Reading For Everyone

Diverse literature is more essential than ever in today's current climate. Books are some of the best tools for developing tolerance and empathy, and few books are as rich and nuanced as those penned by black women. From memoirs to epics to essential sociological investigations, we've rounded up over 100 of the most important works written by black female authors over the past century, extending from Africa to the Caribbean to America and from the pre-Civil War era to the distant future. If you're looking to diversify your reading list this year, here are books by black women that we consider to be essential reading.

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- Additional reporting by Haley Lyndes and Tembe Denton-Hurst


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