Top 10 weirdest wedding themes

bunjee jumping

Weird wedding theme 1: vampire wedding

Of course we all know about the vampire trend; what with the Twilight movies and images of Robert Pattinson gracing our screens. But we didn’t imagine it would inspire a gothic, vampire themed wedding. Considering we imagine a wedding as a joyful and happy event it could be said that the gothic gloom of the Twilight movies isn’t quite suited. But this hasn’t stopped couples from turning their favourite movie into a wedding theme. Everything has been done from dusting the groom head to toe in glitter to quoting romantic lines from the Twilight novels in the wedding vows. If you’re a big fan of vampires, this might just be the wedding theme for you.

Weird wedding theme 2: superhero wedding

For one couple in America, their wedding was supercharged, as at the altar stood Superman and Wonder Woman. As for the guests, heroes ranged from Ironman to the Silver Surfer, making this wedding far from the ordinary. If you’re swayed by a superhero theme, the fun doesn’t have to end at the costumes; couples have chosen superhero favours such as lollypops with capes and masks, done the deed in a comic book store and even decorated the tables with comic inspired ‘POWs’ and ‘ZAPs’!

Weird wedding theme 3: shark tank wedding

In June 2010, Mr and Mrs Curry of New York climbed into a 120,000 gallon shark tank to publicly declare their love for each other. Along with their scuba gear, the bride wore a white wetsuit and the groom a black one – at least some aspects of their wedding hinted at tradition! All the while sand sharks, nurse sharks, eels and a giant grouper circled around them. An officiant proceeded with the vows on a radio transmitter which was then broadcasted to friends and family.

Weird wedding theme 4: nude wedding

The current average cost of a wedding isn’t under a five figure sum, and with the wedding dress often making up a tenth of that figure it’s no wonder couples seek out something cheaper. Naturally (excuse the pun) when we think of a cheaper option we think of sales or auctions – not ditching the bride and groom’s clothing completely like some people do! A couple in Australia decided to paint the wedding dress on the bride, then bravely exchanged vows in front of 250 friends and family. Both bride and groom were completely naked, although the groom did use a strategically placed top hat to maintain his dignity.

Weird wedding theme 5: bungee jumping wedding

Crazy thrill seekers from Belgium chose a unique but fun theme for their wedding; bungee jumping! Bungee jumping, although a terrifying prospect for some, was apparently this couple’s ideal way to get hitched. After exchanging their vows the couple jumped over a 150 ft drop and romantically smooched hanging upside down in the air, while directly below friends and family watched. The mid-air wedding theme didn’t end there, as wedding guests were then invited to head skyward to be strapped up on a platform for a floating wedding breakfast.

Weird wedding theme 6: marmite themed wedding

Marmite; you either love it or hate it. We all have a favourite food – something we would happily eat all day long, but would you go as far as theming your wedding after it? One couple loved marmite so much they themed their wedding around the stuff. The wedding couple arrived at their ceremony in a Marmite shaped car, the groom wore a Marmite inspired top hat, and there was even a Marmite flavoured wedding cake and favours to match. Perhaps the brown, gloopy yeast extract that is Marmite isn’t everyone’s taste, but a food themed wedding isn’t such a bad idea!

Weird wedding theme 7: role reversal wedding

Ever fancied being the opposite sex for a day? Bizarrely many couples are taken up with the idea of swapping their normal gender roles for the day, and taking on the role of their partner for their wedding. A beautiful blushing bride is now a man with a top hat and a suit, while the manly groom seems to have a pink pout and rosy cheeks. Not only do the bride and groom swap, but the ushers and bridesmaids sometimes take on the role reversal challenge too – an interesting wedding party to say the least.

Weird wedding theme 8: Shrek themed wedding

Twilight is not the only film to have been replicated in wedding form; possibly one of the oddest film choices for a wedding theme, on couple chose to base their wedding around the fairy tale film Shrek. After watching the film on their first date, and then being ridiculed by friends for their similarity to the ogre couple, husband and wife took it to a new level; marrying dressed as two big green beasts. Guests arrived in other fairy tale outfits, such as Goldilocks and the three little pigs.

Weird wedding theme 9: Star Wars wedding

It had to be part of the list, a wedding theme which people universally seem to be keen on; Star Wars obsessed couples all over the world seem to be tying the knot in this sci-fi way. The groom has often taken the role of Han Solo and the bride Princess Leia. It has even been known for R2D2 to be the wedding officiant. As your wedding takes place you can be sure that Chewbacca, Obi Wan Kenobi and a fleet of stormtroopers will be watching on. A theme which everyone can get involved in, but still just as wacky.

Weird wedding theme 10: murder mystery wedding

Weddings generally tend to be fun; a time to dance, be merry and meet lots of people you might never see again! But occasionally weddings hit a lull where the guests get bored and the atmosphere deadens. For couples who fear the wedding woe of bored guests, here’s one way to keep them entertained; while the speeches are happening, all of a sudden a guest is found ‘dead’. It’s up to the rest of the wedding to follow the clues and find out who’s the killer! Could it be a jealous ex-boyfriend to blame or the angry father who was against the wedding from the beginning? Read more on
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