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They Always Make Time For You, No Matter How Busy

We get it: everyone's busy. Between work, families, and other relationships, it's amazing that you find time to shower most days, but a true friend will always find time to spend with you. Whether it's a week-long vacation you have planned or just a quick phone call, you will always fit in to a true friend's life because that friend has made a space for you.

10 Signs You've Found a Friend For Life

Social media has changed the definition of friendship. You can have hundreds of friends on Facebook and followers on Instagram who "like" your posts and pictures, yet real-life friends are not always so easy to quantify. Yes, you can depend on your real friends to tell you if you put too many filters on your pictures and to never tag an unflattering picture of you. But what do those real friends look like away from your screens? You know, the ones you can have completely honest hours-long conversations with? The ones who, even if you don't see each other for a while, will pick up right where you left off? Here are the signs that you've found a true friend for life (and if you do have one, be sure to never let this person go).


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