For Just $10, This Gorgeous Shell Trinket Tray From Target Can Be Yours, Too

·1-min read

My jewelry collection has only grown in size, and with each new addition comes less and less space in my jewelry box and more spillover onto my dresser. Arriving home tired and throwing my earrings and necklaces onto a messy tangled-up surface could no longer be an option - I lost more earrings than I could count! It was time for a change; so when I strolled past this Disney Princess x POPSUGAR Ariel Shell Trinket Tray ($10) at Target, I knew I had to have it. The tray's glistening finish and nautical-shell design alone were enough to attract me to it. Plus, it's inspired by my favorite Disney princess, Ariel. Its size is perfect for catching jewelry after a night on the town, and its design looks quite posh, too. While I use it for jewelry, this tray goes far beyond just earrings and necklaces - there's a whole (new) world of small trinkets you can toss inside! If you're interested in giving small items a place to call home, this tray is a must have.

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