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9 store cupboard recipes for a speedy, satisfying dinner

If heading out of the house and nipping to the shops simply isn’t an option for you right now, fear not. There are plenty of delicious and warming recipes you can whip up using just the ingredients you already have in the house.

Having a fully stocked store cupboard is a cook’s best friend; from spices to oils, potatoes, onions and garlic on tap and an assortment of rices and pastas, it’s the perfect base from which to add in a rotation of fresh ingredients, whenever a recipe calls for them.

Luckily, there are a myriad of tasty (mostly vegetarian) recipes that don’t need any fresh ingredients at all. Some call for basic frozen veg, but if your store cupboard is fully stocked, chances are your freezer’s looking pretty healthy too (even more so when it’s filled with these leftovers!).

So enjoy these clever, flavoursome recipes, without even leaving the house.

9 store cupboard recipes for a speedy, satisfying dinner

Get creative in the kitchen using only ingredients from your store cupboard or freezer

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