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She's Passionate About Reducing Her Carbon Footprint

Brigette believes in conservation as much as representation, and as a member of the National Resource Defense Council, she takes small (but important) steps every day to reduce her footprint. "I like to live as low waste as possible," she told Who What Wear. "It's as simple as bringing your own coffee cup to the coffee shops, making food at home when possible, bringing your bags to the grocery store - really simple things."

10 Reasons Brigette Lundy-Paine Is the Inspirational Icon You Need Right Now

So this isn't news to anyone, but Brigette Lundy-Paine is cool as hell. The 25-year-old acto first came on the scene when they played Maureen Walls in 2017's The Glass Castle, and now they're stealing the spotlight as Sam Gardner's youngest sister Casey on Netflix's Atypical. Season three of the dramedy provides some major changes for Sam as he begins his first semester of college, but it provides even bigger changes for Casey, who finally examines those confusing feelings she has for her friend Izzie. Both onscreen and off, Brigette is an outspoken queer icon we want more of in our lives, and here are just a few reasons why they deserve your undivided attention.


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