10 must-have products guaranteed to help you get a great night's sleep

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How many coffees have you guzzled this afternoon in a bid to awaken from the inevitable midday slump?

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, one in three of us suffer from mild insomnia and the effects of a poor night’s kip can result in serious consequences.

Not only can a lack of ZZZs lead to poor concentration at work but in some cases can increase the risk of depression and memory loss.

Though while it’s easy for others to tell us to hit the pillow a couple of hours early or to stop scrolling Instagram into the early hours of the morning, the likes of anxiety and stress can leave us desperately counting sheep.

But no need to fear, as we’ve rounded up the most effective products guaranteed to help you get some shut-eye.

From sleep-inducing candles to A-list approved silky pillowcases, these are the best (and most luxurious) products guaranteed to help you sleep like a baby tonight.

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