10 Padded Bike Shorts on Amazon That Will Help You Pedal Past Saddle Soreness

Kalea Martin

It's 6:59 a.m., your cycling instructor is about to yell out, "Let's ride!" and you just got stuck with the bike in the back with the messed-up seat. You're wishing you invested in a pair of padded bike shorts and crossing your fingers that the annoying crotch-stabbing pain will just go away after a while. Sound familiar?

Whether it's your first time at a SoulCycle studio, or you're about to hit the 100th ride milestone on your living room Peloton, one of the biggest frustrations of indoor cycling is getting past saddle soreness. If a seat cushion alone isn't cutting it for you, or you just don't want to install one onto a studio bike every time you attend a class, padded bike shorts are the clear way to go. That extra level of comfort just might be the thing to help you pedal on to your next cycling goal, so keep reading to check out our top 10 picks on Amazon.