This 10-Year-Old Invented A Fish Finger Roll And, Honestly, Forget Sausage Rolls From Now On

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Sausage rolls are the best, there’s no two ways about it. But we have to admit, when we saw this new snack, it piqued our interest.

Zeeshaan, 10, from north London has invented the fish finger roll. Fish. Finger. Roll.

Bravo, Zeeshaan. Bravo.

Zeeshaan invented the fish finger roll during Lockdown, and his mum (Mobeen) was so impressed, she immediately got in touch with Birds Eye to let those guys know that they should probably give her son a job in a few years…

Photo credit: Birds Eye
Photo credit: Birds Eye

When asked about his thinking behind the recipe, Zeeshaan said: “Once the second lockdown came into place, I thought it would be fun to try different ways to enjoy my favourite food. I love sausage rolls and I love fish fingers, so thought why not combine the two?! I’m really happy with the result and that Birds Eye have recognised my invention.”.

Annalisa Fanali, General Marketing Manager at Birds Eye, commented: “We always love to hear how people are getting creative in the kitchen and were thrilled to receive such a brilliant recipe idea from Mobeen and Zeeshaan. Birds Eye fish fingers are so versatile, it’s great to see young Brits inventing new ways to enjoy them, especially during lockdown. From the moment we saw the picture, we were totally onboard with this recipe and knew we just had to share it with the rest of the nation!”

Here's the recipe if you want to give it a go. Ooooooo, just imagine dunking one in tartar sauce. Bosh.

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