10 of the best jacket potato fillings

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There really is no greater comfort food than the humble jacket potato.

Whether you're a tuna mayo fan or more of a cheese and beans connoisseur, there are few dishes that create such warm memories as a baked spud.

If you and your jacket are stuck in a rut, why not try out one of these original fillings to create your perfect potato...

1. Mac and cheese...because we all know the only thing better than carbs are MORE CARBS.


2. Chicken and chorizo...bring a little Spanish spice to your tired old spud with a flavour packed filling.

3. Brie and ham...swap boring Cheddar for a more refined Brie to take your lunch up a notch.

4. Pizza...yes, you really can have your two favourite dinners in one. Scoop out the potato and combine with your favourite pizza toppings for a fun alternative.


5. Bacon and egg...any excuse to eat breakfast food for dinner is a win in our book.

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6. Twice baked...scoop out the fluffy spud and mix with cheese, chives and bacon before baking again for a seriously tasty treat.

7. French onion...bring a little French style to a run-of-the-mill potato with this decadent caramelised onion mixture.

8. Beans, bacon and onion...jazz up boring old beans but adding some bacon and onions.

9. BBQ pork...or any tasty leftovers are ideal jacket potato fillings. We particularly love spaghetti bolognese, chilli con carne and smokey pulled pork.

10. Beetroot, feta and mint...for a seriously posh potato.

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