10 most popular dog-inspired street names in the UK

dog street names great dane
10 most popular dog-inspired street namesJim Craigmyle - Getty Images

You’ve no doubt seen a quirky or obscure street name as you’ve travelled around the UK – but how about a dog-inspired one?

A recent study, conducted by the delivery company Evri, has revealed that over 660 streets in the UK are named after dog breeds. Taking into consideration the total number of UK streets (over two million), as well as The Kennel Club’s top 50 dog breeds, the study has revealed which are most popular. Do you live on one of them?

Photo credit: Evri
Photo credit: Evri

Top 10 dog-inspired street names

  1. Great Dane: 457 streets

  2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: 49

  3. Cocker Spaniel: 48

  4. Beagle: 26

  5. Newfoundland: 13

  6. Pointer: 11

  7. Brittany: 10

  8. Boxer: 7

  9. Bulldog: 7

  10. Labrador: 6

With 457 street names such as Dane Bank, Dane Close and Dane Common all related to the German breed, it is by far the top source of street name inspiration. Terms including bark, kibble' and 'woof', also feature in some areas more than others.

Areas with the most dog-themed street names

  1. London: 40 dog themed streets

  2. Liverpool: 26

  3. Leeds: 23

  4. York: 15

  5. Sheffield: 14

  6. Manchester: 12

  7. Margate: 12

  8. Wakefield: 11

  9. Barnsley: 11

  10. Leicester: 9

London takes the top spot here, with 40 street names having a canine theme. English cities including Liverpool, Leeds, York and Sheffield make up the top five.

Living on a dog themed street could also have a positive impact on your property value, according to recent research by SaveOnEnergy. The energy comparison site revealed that dog themed street names could add a whopping £32,000 to your home value.

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