This 10-Minute Kettlebell Flow Builds Strength, Skill & Stamina

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Kettlebell Flow for Strength, Skill & StaminaDylan Richards - Hearst Owned

Kettlebell flow workouts tick all the boxes, providing strength, skill, stamina, mobility and co-ordination, while using one piece of kit. Plus, there's something quite meditative about swinging a 'bell up and down. Coach Dylan Richards brings you a kettlebell flow that is short, sharp and hits every muscle in under 10 minutes.

'The best thing about a kettlebell flow is the amount of different muscles you hit in a short space of time' says Richards 'you’ll also be working on your coordination skills.'

The workout contains some advanced kettlebell skills so Richards recommends 'trying each part of the flow separately first, so you’re more confident when piecing them together.' So if you aren't familiar with cleans, swings and snatches just yet, try these first individually, using the explanations below before setting the timer.

'Finally, don’t forget to breathe during the flow, sometimes you’ll be concentrating too hard and forget.'

Grab a kettlebell and let's go.

The Workout

Set the timer for 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off for 10 minutes. Complete 40 seconds of the flow on one side, 20 seconds rest, followed by 40 seconds on the other side, rest for another 20 seconds and then keep repeating until you’ve done five rounds each side.

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Single-Arm Kettlebell Squat Clean x 2

Begin with the kettlebell on the floor, slightly in front of you, between your feet and standing with a wide stance. Clean the kettlebell up to the front-rack position. To do this, squat down to take the kettlebell with a pronated grip (palm facing towards you). Shrug the shoulder upwards to initiate the clean so it travels in straight line in front of the body and simultaneously straighten your legs. When the kettlebell reaches your ribcage, flick your elbow forward so that the kettlebell travels to the outside of your body, with a neutral grip (palm facing inwards), and the handle across your palm with your thumb touching your collarbone. When you hit the front-rack position immediately drop into a low squat with your chest open. Push through the heels back to standing ready to repeat.

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Kettlebell Push Press x 2

When you've finished your last squat clean with the kettlebell in the front-rack position, slightly bend the knees to initiate the push press. Powerfully straighten the legs so the kettlebell travels into the overhead position with a straight arm. Keep your core locked and the weight overhead. Control the weight as it falls back to the front-rack position.

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Kettlebell Snatch x 2

The kettlebell snatch starts with a kettlebell swing. After you've finished your last push press in the front-rack position, send your hips behind your heels and hinge so the kettlebell falls forward in an arc shape between your legs but above your knees. Keep your core tight and head in line. Once your torso has hit parallel, snap the hips forward so your glutes fire the kettlebell upwards. As soon as the kettlebell passes your eyeline, punch the handle forward so the kettlebell flicks to the outside of your wrist and you straighten the arm in the overhead position. Break at the wrist and let the kettlebell travel back down and swing between your legs, ready to repeat.

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