11 Gritty And Stressful Thrillers To Watch On Netflix Right Now

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Are your palms sweating? Good. The test of a truly great thriller is both physical and mental – a level of tension that sets your heart racing and a predicament that you can't see a way out of without doing something unthinkable.

Thrillers are currently on a glorious run of form thanks to works which push the stress levels to maximum while still focusing on compelling characters who you root for and stories that transport you to places you hope you'll never have to see. We're thinking of Jake Gyllenhaal's crazed turn in Nightcrawler, Joaquin Phoenix in the (better than Joker, sorry) You Were Never Really Here and the frenzied Safdie brothers films Good Time and Uncut Gems.

We're living in stressful times, and these ten thrillers are an excellent way to test your adrenal system.

The Fury of a Patient Man

This arthouse Spanish thriller has bloody vengeance at its core, telling the story of a man imprisoned in Madrid after robbing a jewellery store. After eight years of serving time he leaves hoping to start his life afresh, but when his path unexpectedly crosses with an alluring stranger named Jose, he sees his mistakes have not been left in the past.



Jake Gyllenhaal is at his most unhinged as Lou Bloom, a smalltime LA cameraman who realises he can make money photographing criminal activities to sell to TV networks, his discovery pushing him to go to extreme lengths. Gyllenhaal is hollow-cheeked and with a truly unsettling glint in his eye as director Dan Gilroy zooms in on the violence-obsessed news and underbelly of crime in this gripping story.


Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn's compulsive thriller novel stays just as pacy and twisty in this adaptation by David Fincher which stars Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck. In it lead character Amy goes missing on the day of her wedding anniversary, her husband Nick turned into a suspect as the media turn on him. Derailed by a twist that unsettles everything, Gone Girl plays with thriller clichés to upend the story we've been listening to.


You Were Never Really Here

Joaquin Phoenix should have won the Academy Award which he picked up for Joker for his turn in You Were Never Really Here, the Lynne Ramsay psychological thriller in which he plays a brutal enforcer who is tasked with hunting down a missing teenage girl. It's a performance which is hard to take your eyes off as he stalks across the screen with a hammer swinging from hand, his violent antihero a character who has us willing on his twisted kind of justice.



Christopher Nolan's visually overwhelming and smart blockbuster bent time and viewer's minds when released ten years ago. The film's follows protagonist Cobb (a surly Leonardo DiCaprio) who steals information from his targets by entering their dreams, a hustle he wants to leave behind but must complete one last mission in exchange for having his slate wiped clean.


Good Time

Robert Pattinson's second act has seen him show up in zany arthouse numbers such as High Life and The Lighthouse, playing against his good looks to bring an intimidating level of intensity to the men he embodies. This 2017 film from directors the Safdie brothers sees him play Connie Nikas, a Greek-American criminal from Queens who has to come up with bail for his brother after they run into trouble. A nail-biter which takes you on one exhausting night in New York City and some of Pattinson's finest work.


Shutter Island

"Which would be worse – to live as a monster? Or to die as a good man?" asks Leonardo DiCaprio as Teddy Daniels, a as US Marshal sent to investigate the disappearance of a patient on a remote island in this mystery-steeped Scorsese film from 2010. DiCaprio's Daniels serves as our anxiety-ridden guide through the island: a maze of red herrings laid like traps as the tension mounts.


Children Of Men

This political thriller comes from Alfonso Cuarón, the auteur behind works such as Gravity and Roma who turns a dystopian story into a study of society on the brink of extinction. When a woman somehow manages to get pregnant she must be smuggled away to protect her own safety and for the future of the world. Though it has shades of science fiction, really this is a thrilling chase to save humanity that has its feet firmly planted in the real world.



Before Arrival and Sicario, director Denis Villeneuve made a name for himself with this bleak 2013 thriller about a man whose daughter and her friend go missing from their garden while playing outside. The father's obsessive search is aided by the hard-working Detective Loki – played brilliantly by Jake Gyllenhaal – and leads them down dark avenues, including to the door of an unsettling suspect brought to life by Paul Dano.


The Lincoln Lawyer

Two years after McConaughey said goodbye to his romcom career via 2009 film The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, The Lincoln Lawyer marks the very first film of The McConaissance, a turnaround that saw him appear in the likes of Mud and True Detective, eventually winning an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club. Here he plays a defence lawyer representing the son of a wealthy man accused of raping a prostitute, the evidence he discovers about his client putting him in a moral and professional dilemma which brings out some excellent McConaughey scenes.


Uncut Gems

Josh and Benny Safdie follow Good Time with a (somehow) even more panic-inducing, against-the-clock crime thriller, dropping you into the diamond district of New York City and its nefarious characters. Criminally overlooked for an Oscar nomination, Adam Sandler is transfixing as Howard Ratner, a diamond dealer who can't help putting other people's money where his big mouth is, a habit which puts him in more and more danger as the stakes go keep going up.


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