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1. See the world from a new perspective

Yoga. You might love it. You might loathe it. Until you’ve tried it swinging from the rafters, Cirque du Soleil-style, though, reserve judgement. Yep, we’re talking aerial yoga. Suspended silk hammocks allow you to ease more deeply into the exercises whilst challenging your balance, core and upper body. Want killer arms and ripped abs? This could be your secret weapon. And, of course, yogic inversions are said to be anti-ageing. You can squeeze a 45 minute lunchtime session in at Gymbox Victoria or Farringdon.

10 fun ways to spend your lunch break in London

What did you do on your lunch break today? Cram a sandwich down your throat with one hand whilst tapping out an email with the other?

If so, you’re not necessarily doing your creativity or productivity (not to mention your digestion) any favours – and you’re not alone. Only 17% of Brits take a full hour for lunch, with a third of us eating at our desks and 40% picking up work calls or emails. According to experts, staying in the same environment inside all day inhibits creativity.

The most productive people spend 25% of their working day just chilling out. That means work for 52 minutes, then break for 17 minutes. What should you do on these breaks? Psychology professor Kimberly Elsbach recommends “just going outside and taking a walk around the block,” and says “that in itself is really restorative.” But we think we can help you make even better use of that precious lunch hour. Here’s how!