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Sure you might wet yourself but it’s a super fun way to do it. Most kids have a trampoline rusting away in their back garden. If you’ve got kids or you’ve got mate’s with kids or you know a kid down your street who’s got a trampoline, kick them off it and get jumping. Trampolining is fast way of building muscle and burning fat so go ahead and wet yourself.

[Photo: Chris Mullany/Flickr]

10 fun cardio ideas if you hate running (and exercise in general)

Want to torch fat but hate running and cardio exercise in general? Don’t blame you. Unless your super committed or an enthusiast, exercise can be a boring, repetitive chore. You get stuck in your head, the time creeps by at a snails pace and the longer you avoid it, the harder it is to get back into it. 

Well, not anymore because we’ve put together a list of ten enjoyable alternative ways to stay in shape, specially for those who hate exercise.

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