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They Don't Just Want to Be a Stock Trans Character

Though Indya loves being able to bring one more trans character to the small screen, they want to see a day where cis people not only accept trans characters, but actually identify with them. "I definitely would like to see more of my talent being utilized outside of it being about my gender and the pain that comes with being ostracized by society," they told Teen Vogue in February 2019. "I think that's the only use that people see trans people for right now. The only time people are finding a use for our performance or our ability to act is to demonstrate pain, the pain of [being ostracized], the pain of our gender being dissected." They don't want to just be a representative - they want to play a character who's both multifaceted and relatable.

10 Facts About Indya Moore That Will Make You See Them in a Whole New Light

Here's what you probably already know about transgender and nonbinary actor Indya Moore: they star in Pose, they're a total knockout, and they take any opportunity they can to free the nipple. But despite being one of Time's 100 most influential people in the world for 2019, not everyone knows their story. Before becoming Angel Evangelista on Pose and one of Louis Vuitton's newest faces, Indya contended with years of abuse, discrimination, and misgendering, and they're done with being silenced. Indya Moore is inspiring as hell, and here are just a few fascinating facts about the rising star that prove it.


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