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10 documentaries and films that tackle racial inequality

After the tragic death of African-American man George Floyd in police custody in the US last month, protests quickly sprung up in America and around the world to highlight the racism, inequality and police brutality many Black people face on a daily basis.

Many white allies of Black people are wondering what they can do. A good place to start is acknowledging privilege and educating ourselves about racism and inequality.

We've already collated a list of the best books that do just that, and now we've compiled a list of the best documentaries, films and TV shows that have been recommended to us by our Black colleagues and friends.

From Hollywood blockbusters Selma and Malcolm X, to hard-hitting Netflix documentaries The 13TH and When They See Us, and Prime Video book adaptions The Hate U Give and I Am Not Your Negro, consider this your comprehensive watch list for the next few weeks.

10 documentaries and films that tackle racial inequality

The first step to being an ally is educating yourself

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