10 best UK cities to see spring flowers in 2021

Lisa Walden
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Photo credit: George W Johnson - Getty Images
Photo credit: George W Johnson - Getty Images

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From carpets of dainty English bluebells to dazzling white snowdrops, spring is the perfect time to head outdoors and get your floral fix. Travel might currently be restricted, but new research has uncovered the prettiest cities in the UK to see the signs of spring once it's safe to do so.

According to Premier Inn, London is the best city for wild park poppies, cherry blossoms and wisteria. "The capital city of the UK has some amazing springtime Instagram opportunities, with people sharing the beautiful flowers that appear in the city this time of year. London supplies no shortage of beautiful floral scenes in the spring," the team say.

In second place came Edinburgh, shortly followed by Glasgow and Oxford. Much like London, these cities too have cherry blossoms bursting into flower, stunning meadows and beautiful beams of sunlight darting through the streets.

Photo credit: Jacky Parker Photography - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jacky Parker Photography - Getty Images

"With travel so limited at the moment, we're busy dreaming about where to go when the sun starts shining again, and Instagram has revealed some lovely ideas for the prettiest cities in spring," a spokesperson from Premier Inn commented.

"The UK's capital comes out top not just nationally but also for the entire world, and our research also highlights some other beautiful cities both in the UK and abroad that would be perfect for a much-needed spring break."

Photo credit: Alena Kravchenko - Getty Images
Photo credit: Alena Kravchenko - Getty Images

Planning a future visit? Take a look at the full findings below...

10 best cities to see spring in the UK

  1. London

  2. Edinburgh

  3. Glasgow

  4. Oxford

  5. Bristol

  6. Exeter

  7. Leeds

  8. Bath

  9. Brighton

  10. York

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