10 of the best men’s running tights

best men's running tights
The best men’s running tights

Running tights are an essential addition to every runner’s wardrobe. Not all runners are fans of wearing them, but once you've pulled on a pair in colder weather you're unlikely to go back to bare legs in low temperatures again.

As well as providing warmth and comfort in colder conditions, running tights can also boost performance by being lightweight and form-fitting, making them more aerodynamic, so in your head at least you will be moving faster.

As well as regular running tights with varying degrees of insulation, you will find thermal running tights specifically designed to insulate in freezing conditions, compression tights that are built to help you recover more quickly, and short tights – either three-quarter length or above the knee – for those who want to run quickly in warmer weather while reducing the chance of chafing.

Our pick of the best men's running tights

Built for colder conditions, On’s tights offer a luxuriously soft, stretchy fit that remains comfortable during longer-distance treks. As with most On running kit, it offers something different in terms of design and colour – not just the plain black tights option for the Swiss brand, oh no. These are also available in blue with black panels on the knees to offer something a little different (plus they are extra-thick, knobbled panels to boost warmth). Features the standard ankle zips and large slot pocket on the rear.

As their name suggests, these leggings are designed to keep your pins nice and toasty even in wintry conditions. They’re sweat-wicking, too, and come with a decent-sized pocket on the right hand leg for your essentials.

These snug-fitting running tights are designed to wick away moisture to help keep you cool and dry. Made from high-stretch material, they’re designed to provide a resistance-free running experience, while two drop-in waistband pockets can carry your keys and band card.

Featuring two leg pockets, the Run Tech tights score highly for storage, while their moisture-wicking qualities will also come in useful on longer outings. The fabric has a four-way stretch designed to allow you to move freely, while a drawstring allows for a personalised fit.

Ideal for trail runners, these offer warmth in milder temperatures, as well as a handy waist adjustment feature to dial down the fit to your exact measurements, plus extra protection on the ankles. The four-way stretch offers a degree of muscle support, and the robust material will withstand snags on branches. Two pockets provide plenty of storage space, too.

The best men's short tights

These look like Lycra cycling shorts, with the material finishing just above the knee. They are built to improve performance on faster tempo runs, intervals and races due to what Soar calls ‘targeted compression’. They're lightweight – so much so that they are almost unnoticeable when on, meaning no distractions when you're going all-out for a PB.

A mid-length cut just below the knee means that these are suitable for year-round running on all-but the most frigid or humid of days. A silicone grip on the outside of the tights above the knee is designed to provide grip for your hands when you put them on your lower thighs to help you climb the steepest hills.

The best men's thermal tights

Insulated, waterproof and inspired by wetsuit design, what more could you want from winter tights? OK, the price is high, but if you're out in the worst weathers and the gloopiest mud while wading through the odd icy stream, Tracksmith’s Thaw tights will see you through with confidence.

Tights that will take an absolute pasting, whether it’s via wind or rain, and keep your pegs dry – the R5s are wrapped in three-layer Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper tech in specific areas, which keeps water droplets out while letting moisture escape. An essential addition to every runner’s wardrobe.

The best men's compression tights

2XU has anatomically mapped the muscles in your legs in order to provide specific support to help reduce soreness, which in turn is claimed to speed up recovery. They fit extremely tightly, so can be a workout in itself to get them on and off, but once on they're barely noticeable, and will help to freshen up your legs ready for your next session.

Wear these during your run for extra support and medium levels of compression, with extra compression targeted at the main leg muscles, including calves, quads, glutes and hamstrings. Designed to be worn regularly for your recovery runs as well as in the gym while strength training.

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