8 best fridge freezers: A guide to choosing your appliance

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There’s something here for every kitchen, with options from Samsung, Beko and more (iStock/The Independent)
There’s something here for every kitchen, with options from Samsung, Beko and more (iStock/The Independent)

Fridge freezers are remarkably varied, considering the fact they all have the same job to do.

When buying one of these appliances, your first task is to decide whether you want a freestanding model or an integrated option that you can build into a kitchen unit.

Another key point of difference is the ratio of fridge space to freezer space in the appliance. You should consider how much food your household freezes, then pick an option to suit. And more broadly, be sure to buy a fridge freezer with sufficient capacity overall.

Beyond type and storage space, the differences between fridge freezers become less make-or-break. Some have retro styling; others are more contemporary. And some fridge freezers nowadays have special features that appeal to certain users, such as smartphone connectivity and frost-free tech.

As you read our reviews, you may notice that the fridge freezers seem to have relatively poor energy efficiency ratings. This is due to a shakeup of the energy efficiency rating system for appliances, which took effect in March 2021. The scale no longer includes the high-end ratings of A+++, A++ or A+, and a low-end rating of G has been added. So, the new scale goes from A to G, with the most energy-efficient appliances rated A.

The new rating system imposes higher efficiency standards, meaning some appliances which once had impressive-sounding energy ratings now have a more modest grade. For instance, the Siemens fridge freezer featured in this article has been regraded from A+ to E. Do bear in mind that as a whole, the fridge freezer market hasn’t quite caught up to the new energy-efficiency benchmarks at this point in time.

How we tested

We included a wide range of fridge freezers in this round-up to suit all needs – from the simple, budget-friendly and compact to the all-bells-whistling, wallet-busting makes. We then evaluated their ease of use, design, size, extra features, results, noise level, energy efficiency and cost.

The best fridge freezers for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – LG Centum GBB92MCBAP 70/30 fridge freezer: £1,799, Currys.co.uk

  • Best high-tech fridge freezer – LG InstaView GMX844MCKV slim American-style smart fridge freezer: £2,099, Amazon.co.uk

  • Best value fridge freezer – Beko harvestfresh CFP3691DVW: £499, Currys.co.uk

  • Best integrated fridge freezer – Bosch serie 6 KIS86AFE0G integrated 60/40 fridge freezer: £859, Ao.com

  • Best 50/50 fridge freezer – Neff N50 KI5852SF0G integrated 50/50 fridge freezer: £719, Travisperkins.co.uk

  • Best for retro design – Smeg right hand hinge FAB30RRD5UK 70/30 fridge freezer: £1,699, Markselectrical.co.uk

  • Best fridge freezer under £300 – Cookology UCFF87 under counter fridge freezer: £164.99, Amazon.co.uk

  • Best for small households – Swan retro SR11010CN 80/20 fridge freezer: £529, Ao.com

LG centum GBB92MCBAP 70/30 fridge freezer

In an ideal world, this is what the fridge freezers of the future would look like.

The LG Centum is beautifully finished, marvellously quiet and a pleasure to use, with effort-busting features such as its ice-free compartments, which consign the chore of defrosting to the permafrost of history. Best of all, it is superbly energy-efficient – a quality recognised in the appliance’s energy rating of A, which is rarely awarded.

Despite its sleek design, this fridge freezer offers a decent amount of storage space, with over two-thirds of its litrage taken up by the refrigerator compartment.

While Curry’s are awaiting more stock for this fridge freezer, if you order now, you can expect delivery within 10 to 28 days.

Buy now £1799.00, Currys.co.uk

LG InstaView GMX844MCKV slim American-style smart fridge freezer

It’s hard to fault this high-tech fridge freezer from LG. Not only does it look great and do its job effectively; it also has some genuinely nifty features that you won’t find in the average fridge.

Our favourite feature is its remote operation, which allows you to control the temperature via a connected smartphone app. This could be particularly handy, for instance, when you need to lower the temperature ahead of loading in items that need to be cooled quickly.

We were also impressed with this appliance’s “door-in-door” design, which basically means there’s an extra fridge compartment built into one of the double doors, providing easy access to the groceries you need most often.

Buy now £2099.00, Amazon.co.uk

Beko harvestfresh CFP3691DVW

This fairly priced fridge freezer from Beko would be particularly well-suited to households that freeze lots of foodstuffs, with equal amounts of space taken up by the freezer and refrigerator compartments. The downside, inevitably, is that users may struggle for fridge space after a big shop.

Despite its reasonable pricing, this model has some interesting bells and whistles. We were particularly impressed with the appliance’s “harvestfresh” tech, which helps keep fruit and veg fresh by using lighting to simulate a natural light cycle.

Another bonus: the ice dispenser on this fridge freezer doesn’t need plumbing in.

Buy now £499.00, Currys.co.uk

Bosch serie 6 KIS86AFE0G integrated 60/40 fridge freezer

Quiet, capacious and packed with clever tech, the serie 6 is everything we’d hoped for in a Bosch fridge freezer.

We were particularly impressed with the “Freshsense” technology – a sensor system that regulates the fridge freezer’s temperature, minimising the risk of food spoilage. We found the layout of compartments to be logical and user-friendly, and the interior of the appliance looks smart, if unspectacular.

This model integrates into your kitchen units, with the option to have the doors hinge from whichever side of the appliance suits you best.

This fridge freezer flies off the shelves whenever it’s in stock, but you haven’t missed out, AO promises it will be coming back.

Buy now £859.00, Ao.com

Neff N50 KI5852SF0G integrated 50/50 fridge freezer

This is one of our favourite integrated fridge freezers, primed to seamlessly integrate into a kitchen unit with its sliding hinge.

It’s a simple, effective option, focused on intuitive design and solid performance rather than high-tech innovation. We would recommend this fridge freezer to users who like to freeze lots of food – perhaps after batch-cooking – as the freezer space is especially generous and well compartmentalised.

Buy now £719.00, Travisperkins.co.uk

Smeg right hand hinge FAB30RRD5UK 70/30 fridge freezer

What round-up of the best fridge freezers would be complete without a retro stunner from Smeg? And this model is a thing of beauty, with its carefully sculpted handles, its gorgeous colour and its chic, retro layout.

Offering far more than just looks, this fridge freezer is equipped with high-quality, up-to-the-minute tech. Its energy efficiency is relatively good, compared with other fridge freezers we’ve tested, and the fridge compartment is beautifully lit.

One minor downside to this model is that it lacks anti-frost technology – so you’ll need to manually defrost it every now and then.

Buy now £1699.00, Markselectrical.co.uk

Cookology UCFF87 under counter fridge freezer

This smart little fridge freezer is designed to slot neatly under a kitchen counter, providing basic storage for your perishables while taking up minimal space. The appliance looks great in this silver colourway, and its layout makes good use of the limited space inside, with drinks storage on the back of the door.

We were impressed to note that the doors on this fridge freezer are reversible, which could be a dealbreaker for those who need to make efficient use of their kitchen space.

It goes without saying that this model is only suitable for users who have a relatively small amount of food to store.

Buy now £164.99, Amazon.co.uk

Swan retro SR11010CN 80/20 fridge freezer

The Swan retro range consistently strikes a winning balance between eye-catching vintage style, solid performance and value for money – and this 80/20 fridge freezer is no exception.

We were impressed with the layout of this model, which includes plenty of handy bottle storage on the inside of the fridge door. Another selling point is the classically stylish cream colourway.

If you’re thinking of buying this fridge freezer, do bear in mind that it is relatively low-capacity, and therefore best suited to households of one or two people.

This style has been so popular it’s sold out, but AO promises it will be returning soon. Sign up for email updates to be notified as soon as it’s back.

Buy now £529.00, Ao.com

The verdict: Fridge freezers

We’re naming the LG centum GBB92MCBAP our best buy. This fridge freezer feels a step ahead of its competitors, with superb energy efficiency, a chic design and some useful features that will save you time and effort, such as its frost-free technology. Our only complaint would be that it’s a little pricey for a fridge freezer of its size.

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