The 10 Best Earbuds That Are Specifically Designed For Running

When it comes to running gear, there are a few products that are worth investing in: high-tech sports bras, durable running shoes, and an incredible pair of headphones. What else is going to push you to finish out that last lap strong or break a new record time than a bumping workout playlist - or podcast, if that's what motivates you! But ask any runner, finding the perfect earbuds that won't fall out or lose their sound quality after an intensely sweaty run isn't always the easiest task. To help make your next workout as seamless as possible, we searched for the best running headphones and earbuds out there that have all the qualities - long battery life, water resistance, a snug fit - that make them perfect for running.

Whether you're a city runner, marathoner, or jogger or someone who's just starting out, we found headphones that fit every running style. From proper noise-canceling features to waterproof technology, this list has it all, including high-reflective wired headphones for running at night, because safety is always our top priority. Shop the slides ahead, and get ready to quite literally amp up your running regimen with a new pair of headphones. All that's left to do is hit play!

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