10 adorable photos of England football stars with their kids: Harry Kane, Jordan Pickford & more

The lavish life of a footballer has captivated media attention for decades. The cars, the clothes, the pads – it's all so luxurious. Yet, something else Premier League players can afford are large families, meaning many footballers have little ones waiting for them at home.LOOK: Harry Kane's adorable post-match dad moment following World Cup win will melt your heartFrom Harry Kane to Kyle Walker, Phil Foden to Raheem Sterling, there are numerous members of the England team currently playing in the World Cup in Qatar who no doubt have mini-mes cheering them on from the sidelines.Loading the player... var track = function (evt_name) { dataLayer.push({ 'event': evt_name, 'eventValue': { 'category': 'videos', 'action': evt_name, 'label': 'HELLO - R7Qqd5VS', 'videoUrl': 'https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/R7Qqd5VS.mp4', 'videoTitle': 'David Beckhams daughter Harper scores at goal at Wembley Stadium' } }); }; var playerInstance = playerInstance || []; playerInstance['R7Qqd5VS'] = jwplayer('MC42MjI4MzYwMCAxNjY5Mjg3MzA1MzI3MjU='); playerInstance['R7Qqd5VS'].setup({ sources: [ {file: 'https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/R7Qqd5VS-720.mp4', label: '480'}, {file: 'https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/R7Qqd5VS-1280.mp4', label: '720 HD', default: 'true'}, {file: 'https://content.jwplatform.com/videos/R7Qqd5VS-1920.mp4', label: '1080 HD'} ], primary: 'html5', image: 'https://content.jwplatform.com/thumbs/R7Qqd5VS-720.jpg', related: { file: 'https://cdn.jwplayer.com/v2/playlists/W7M0hKhu?related_media_id=R7Qqd5VS', onclick : 'play' }, autostart: false, sharing: {} }); function getDataPermutive() { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { let maxRetries = 2; let countRetry = 0; let checkingInterval = setInterval( function() { if (countRetry { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { try { return getDataPermutive().then(_pdfps => { let playerConfig = playerInstance['R7Qqd5VS'].getConfig(); const sections = playerConfig.advertising.schedule; const updatedSections = new Array(); sections.forEach(function callback(section, index) { let offSet = section.offset; let tagUrl = section.tag; let playerSegsPerm = encodeURIComponent('&permutive=' + encodeURIComponent(JSON.parse(_pdfps || '[]').slice(0, 250).join(','))); tagUrl = tagUrl.replace(/(cust_params[^&]+)/, '$1' + playerSegsPerm); updatedSections[index] = {tag: tagUrl, offset: offSet}; }); const updatedPlaylistItem = Object.assign({}, item, {adschedule: updatedSections}); console.log('Permutive added to Pre-roll !!!'); resolve(updatedPlaylistItem); }).catch(() => { console.warn('Permutive no data!!!'); resolve(); }); } catch(error) { console.warn(error); resolve(); } }); }); jwplayer().onPlay(function () { track('play'); }); jwplayer().onPause(function () { track('pause'); }); jwplayer().onComplete(function () { track('complete'); }); jwplayer().onSeek(function () { track('seek'); }); WATCH: David Beckham's daughter Harper scores at goal at Wembley StadiumWe've rounded up the cutest parenting photos of footballing stars with their kids. It's coming home – and for the England squad's kids, so are their dads. Keep scrolling to discover some seriously sweet snaps…Harry Kane Harry Kane is a doting dad to three children that he shares with his wife Katie Goodland. His young clan includes Ivy, five, Vivienne Jane, three and Louis, one – plus two Labradors, Brady and Wilson.SEE: Harry Kane's family: Who are the England captain's wife and children?Phil Foden Phil Foden has one child with his girlfriend Rebecca Cooke – a son called Ronnie, born in January 2019.MORE: Phil Foden's devastating injury that forced him to miss crucial gameHarry Maguire Harry Maguire is a doting girl dad. The star has two daughters with his wife Fern Hawkins - Lillie Saint, three, and Piper Rose, two.Jordan Pickford England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford shares a son called Arlo George with his wife Megan Davison. Pickford's son is now three-years-old and makes the occasional appearance on the star's Instagram feed.Conor Coady Conor Coady shares three sons with his wife Amie. His clan cute consists of sons Henri, five, Freddie, four and Louie, two.READ: David Beckham supports England team at Qatar World Cup amid controversyLuke Shaw Luke Shaw has two tiny tots whom he shares with his girlfriend Anouska Santos. The couple are mum and dad to a son called Reign, two, and a daughter, Storie, who is six months old.Kieran Trippier Kieran Trippier and his wife Charlotte have three youngsters. The former Atletico Madrid full-back is dad to Jacob, five, Esme Rose, two, and a six-month-old baby whose name they have kept private.James Maddison James Maddison adores his one-year-old son Leo, who regularly pops up on the star's social media. He shares his only child with his girlfriend Kennedy Alexa, who gave birth in July 2021.MORE: England star Mason Mount confirms relationship status - 'Football is my priority'John Stones Defender John Stones has one child, a daughter, with his ex-girlfriend Millie Savage. The star is particularly private when it comes to his family, but he was pictured with his adorable baby girl during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.Raheem Sterling Raheem Sterling is a dad to nine-year-old daughter Melody Rose whom he welcomed with his ex-girlfriend, Melissa Clarke, back in 2012. The forward is also a dad to sons, Thiago, four, and two-year-old Thai, whom he shares with his current partner, Paige Milan.SEE: England star Raheem Sterling's extremely emotional family sacrifice revealedLike this story? Sign up to our HELLO! Mail newsletter to receive all the latest royal and celebrity news straight in your inbox.