The 1% Club winner bags £99,000 and 'couldn't believe' what happened next

An ITV game show winner couldn't believe his luck when he scooped a massive £99,000 cash prize, saying it was more than he ever dreamed of. Twenty-four year old Daniel O'Halloran from Rock Ferry, on the Wirral, outsmarted 99 other contestants on The 1% Club. Guided by comedian Lee Mack, the quiz tests players on their logic, reasoning and maths skills.

It was Daniel's mum who urged him to participate in the programme because they are huge fans. Unsure about what would happen, he went to Manchester for filming in July 2022 and never imagined that he would end up winning the grand prize.

Starting with a hundred eager contestants, The 1% Club pits them against each other until they reach the final round where they must solve a question that only 1% of Brits can answer, aiming for the enormous £100,000 jackpot.

Speaking about his unbelievable victory, Daniel commented: "I was quite confident in getting to the latter stages of the show, but I never in my wildest dreams imagined taking home that much money. I thought if I got to £10,000 with no money to fall back on, I'd take the £10,000 and wouldn't gamble." Initially, he was all set to play it safe with the £10,000, a decision supported by the audience and fellow contestants. But shockingly, he decided to take on the £99,000 question instead, reports the Mirror.

Overwhelmed with joy when his risky guess proved to be right, he couldn't help crying out: "I lost control of my body. I was running around celebrating on stage in total shock. I never thought I'd be standing there on the show, let alone winning it." Talking about the immense pressure of keeping his big win a secret until the show aired, Daniel said: "It was very difficult, there were some moments I nearly blurted it out or my family would ask me and I couldn't keep the smile on my face. I only told my grandma and a few friends."

In spite of this, he managed to share the thrilling news with his grandmum whilst fooling his mum and dad into thinking he had just bagged the initial £10,000 he won on the show. The big reveal to his family was pure bliss for Daniel as they all tuned into his TV victory together: "When they were watching it, they couldn't believe I'd done it. It was the best thing to see."

Daniel was over the moon about his family's reaction, saying: "They were in total shock - they said some things you probably couldn't print in the paper! They couldn't believe I'd kept it secret." Post-show, Daniel has been enjoying a bit of local celebrity status: "It's been crazy. People in shops and on the streets have been asking me about it. I'm overwhelmed by how kind everyone has been."

He also had nothing but praise for his fellow contestants and the show's star: "All the other contestants were great and probably got me through it! Lee Mack was lovely too." When it comes to spending his winnings, Daniel is keeping a level head: "I've got to be sensible, maybe look towards the house, pay the mortgage off. But I've got to enjoy it as well. I can't take this for granted," he declared.