1,000mph Rocket Car Aims To Break Land Speed Record

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This jaw-dropping rocket car aims to break the land speed record and reach 1,000mph next year.

The Aussie Invader 5R weighs 9.2 tonnes fully fuelled and is capable of accelerating from 0 – 1,000 mph (1,600+ km/h) in just over 20 seconds. In that time the car will burn 2.8 tonnes of propellant and at full speed will travel a mile in around 3.5 seconds.

Founder and designer Rosco McGlashan will reportedly pilot the rocket car, with test runs earmarked to happen in the Western Australian desert or Queensland.

The Perth-based developers say the car “is now a reality, running a single bi-propellant rocket motor, producing 62,000 lbs of thrust (about 200,000 horsepower)”.

Besides honing the required technology, the Aussie Invader 5R team will need further financial backing to make the 1,000mph dream come true.

Spokesman Mark Read says: “We will need quite a considerable amount of financial backing to actually run the car. Those things you cannot get away from.”