‘Miracle’ 5-Month-Old Baby Learns To Potty Train Himself

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Whether it’s down to pushy parenting or simply a baby who just doesn’t want to do his business in nappies, you can’t deny that little Alexander Oniciuc is pretty darn ahead of his age for learning to use the potty at five months old.

Despite still wearing a nappy, Alexander hasn’t used it in over eight weeks. Instead, he cries out when he needs the loo and his parents, who’ve learnt to recoginse his wail, sit him on the potty.  

Alexander Oniciuc is only five months old and already potty trained [SWNS]
Alexander Oniciuc is only five months old and already potty trained [SWNS]

Alexander’s not the first child in the family to exceed expectations. His older sister Izabella, now three, started using the potty from the age of six months.

“I know everyone says ‘they grow up so fast’, but this is getting ridiculous,” says Alexander’s mum Raluca. “I think he’s already had enough of being a baby.”

But there’s definitely a bonus to the Alexander’s advancements – the family’s nappy costs have been cut dramatically. “We’re saving a fortune on nappies,” says Raluca. “I still buy them, but use one a day – just in case.”

Even when potty training, most children still have the odd ‘accident’ in their nappy, but Alexander isn’t even having any of those. "He's not even having any accidents. He's my little miracle."

Alexander also has an older sister, Izabella [SWNS]
Alexander also has an older sister, Izabella [SWNS]

But it’s not all rainbows for Raluca. Plonking Alexander, who hasn’t yet mastered the art of walking (he’s not a complete wonder child), on the potty numerous times a day is exhausting – and not always practical when they’re on the go.

“I’d love him to go in his nappy as it is tiring having to lift him all the time,” she says. “Just the other day we were in the park and he started making loud noises because he needed to go. He didn’t stop until I carried him home and onto his potty. Then he fell asleep.

“It’s incredible, but my life would be a lot easier if her would just go in his nappy – like most babies his age.”

It’s not only potty training that Alexander is excelling at – he’s already starting putting together words such as “hello dada” and “hey look” and has started cruising, too.

“He’s no longer interested in crawling and has even started to walk holding onto the sofa,” says Raluca.

Most babies don’t start doing this until they’re around eight to 11 months old.

In what ways has your child surprised you? Let us know in the comments.  

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